Hello from Hansel

Hansel is a not-for-profit cooperative of writers and artists which promotes literary and artistic works relating to Orkney and Shetland. We are as yet fairly new and small. Our projects are aimed at all age groups.


Bjorn Sandison

Hansel Cooperative Press is delichtit ta introduce a new Shetland writer, Bjorn Sandison. Bjorn, an air ambulance pilot fae Waas, 'll launch his bairn's storybook, Mystery at da Laird's Haa, on Wednesday 9th September (Waas Public Hall, 7.30pm).

His story is aboot tree bairns haein a excitin adventure i der simmer holiday, een dey can hardly believe is true. Maybe some o hit comes oot o Bjorn's ain childhood in Waas. Here he is whan he wis peerie, oot i da flatboddam wi his pals Graham an Roger Tait. He's da een i da starn!

Bjorn Sandison as a child, at sea in a row boat with friends